Silent installation the latest version of VMware Horizon Agent

I wrote a script today to automatically and silently install the newest version of the Horizon Agent from a file share. If you’re like me, you tend to collect multiple versions for testing so sometimes it can be a hassle to find the latest binary. If you keep them in a central repository like I do, this is a great way to automatically select the latest (by date) binary and silently install it.

FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR VMware-Horizon-Agent-x86_64-*.exe /B /O:-D') DO %%I /s /v"/qn VDM_VC_MANAGED_AGENT=1 VDM_IP_PROTOCOL_USAGE=IPv4 ADDLOCAL=Core,RTAV,NGVC,ClientDriveRedirection,VmwVaudio,HTML5MMR,GEOREDIR,PerfTracker"

While we’re on the subject of silent installs, VMware’s documentation used to not stay up to date so well, but the latest document has all the available options.

The above example is what I typically do for Proof of Concepts with Instant Clones. I typically limit the features to just the ones necessary to show the value of non-persistence in today’s VDI climate. Now it’s pretty easy to construct these as the options are all laid out in the documents.


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